VDMX for live video performances

I've been looking into live video performance software for over a year. I've tried Resolume, module 8 and even a few iPad apps, but after many head scratching hours of playing and taking notes I decided on Vidvoxs VDMX VJ software. 

If you understand the basic principles of video editing/motion graphics, VDMX is like a real time editor with tons of visual effects that can be added on the fly. What I like about the software is that it is very modular so you can create custom on-screen set-ups for any live performance or video installation project. 

It works with any midi controller or OSC device. It’s very flexible, but comes at the price of a fairly high learning curve. It took me a few weeks to figure out some basics functions, but Vidvox has some good tutorials on there website. You can also download a free trial.

I’m currently running it on a Macbook Pro Retina Display, and using the Akai APC 40 as a live controller. I’ve had 2 performances with local Philly EDM band R@s and the software ran very stable.

Large learning curve to get setup, but I was very impressed with the outcome.