For a detailed quote, use the form at the bottom of this page. Please provide as much information about your needs as possible (location of venue, size of event or number of subjects, times available, and a realistic budget). Below are general guidelines for pricing which may vary based on the complexity of the project.


Event Photography:
For samples of past event photography click here

  • Event photography for a typical 3-4 hour event costs between $400-$600.
  • A typical event yields between 250-450 photos.
  • Rapid delivery (immediate delivery of images within 24hrs of event) is available for a surcharge of $100. Otherwise images are guaranteed within 5 days or less.
  • Additional charges may include meals, parking, travel and lodging.


Video Editing: 
For a sample edited video click here

  • Video editing hourly rates are between $85hr-$100hr.
  • For on-site editing or dailies, a full day’s rate (up to 8 hours) is $1000. Additional charges for meals, parking, travel and lodging may apply. 
  • Additional costs may include animation, motion graphics, and special formats.


I do give discounts to registered charities and non-profits, but cannot guarantee I will be able to satisfy every request. It never hurts to ask though. It does help if you are clear about a realistic budget when asking for quotes. I am also happy to barter services when possible and particularly when working with other artists.

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